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Social workers

Social workers engage with people and families at any age or stage to achieve the best possible levels of personal and social wellbeing. This happens by working on personal and other issues identified by the individual as needing change and by connecting with supports to build on strengths and emerging improvements.

Social workers have a sound knowledge of human behaviour and development, life cycle stages, family and social networks, disability and health, including mental health. They also understand the issues that contribute to a person's vulnerability and to developing resilience.

At the outset, the social worker will undertake a comprehensive psychosocial assessment with the person and decide ways to assess progress.

Social workers provide:

  • personal or group counselling
  • service coordination or care management
  • advocacy with individuals, families and particularly people experiencing social disadvantage.

Social workers have professional expertise in their chosen area of practice. They also partner with the person accessing their service, to assist in regaining or achieving as normal a life as possible at home, in an educational, workplace or recreational setting.

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