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ScottMy name is Scott and I am in my mid 40's living in the Barwon region of Victoria.

I spend my time doing ordinary things like doing my shopping by myself. It gives me a chance to get out of my house and get some fresh air and clear my head which is important as I am prone to anxiety with slight depression. So catching up with friends and family and in general keeping busy helps this.

I live with a condition called Spina Bifida, which in my case is paralysis from the waist down. I now use a wheelchair permanently but this was not always the case.

Over the years I have used the services of OTs as a link to gaining funding from Government sources for wheelchairs, pressure cushions and the like.

One of the two most notable events in my life was when using an OT service in 1987, I got my licence and had to get a car and hand controls fitted. I approached an OT to find out how and where to get my car converted to hand controls. The OT was able to help me do this by showing me what to look for in a car such as wide opening doors to accommodate my wheelchair. At that stage, I could pick up and fold a wheelchair and place it on the passenger's seat myself. These days I have a wheelchair lift on the roof of my car.

The other main thing I have had OT involvement in my life was only about 4 years ago when I had the opportunity to move houses. I had to make changes to the house, especially the bathroom and kitchen so had to liaise between the builder and the OT. The OT's role was to help with the design of the update of the bathroom and kitchen areas. This meant changing the heights of benches and placement of cupboards and drawers. It also meant finding the right facilities for the shower and suitable handles and taps.

The OTs dealing with these different issues took time to sort out everything. Both gave me independence for which I am grateful.