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WeddingAre you starting to think about how your relationships with your family and friends have changed and wondering how to cope with these changes?

Or you might be starting a new relationship and want to make sure you are on the right track.

Relationships with family and friends

If you are stressed about your relationship with family or friends, a psychologist or a social worker can provide counselling and guidance to you and others to develop better ways of communicating and interacting.

A social worker can link you with many community services and in some cases mediate on your behalf.

Personal relationship

You have recently formed a new personal relationship and might even be thinking of making this permanent. To prepare for living together with a person in a loving relationship, a psychologist or a social worker can plan with you for a positive future.

Sexuality and intimacy are part of a loving relationship. A number of professionals including occupational therapists, psychologists and social workers can discuss ways it can work for you. The Independent Living Centres have examples of sex aids on their online databases.

A physiotherapist or an exercise physiologist can provide exercises to increase your strength and flexibility.