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Prosthetists assess, design, manufacture, fit and monitor various types of upper and lower limb prostheses (artificial limbs).

The prosthetist assesses you including your goals at home, work or school and prescribes prostheses to meet your needs. The prosthetist shows you how to make the best use of your prosthesis and makes adjustments if needed. The prosthetist will work with you to adjust the way you walk using your prosthesis.

Prosthetists also provide training on the use, care and function of your prosthesis.

All limb prostheses are precision made appliances that are individually designed to restore the function and look of the lost limb as much as possible.

Prosthetists work with:

  • children born with limb deficiency
  • people who have had an amputation following an accident
  • older people who have lost a limb as a result of diabetes or disease

Due to modern advances in technology, prosthetists supply lighter, stronger and more naturally functioning prostheses than before. This includes components within the prostheses, such as the:

  • energy storing foot
  • microprocessor controlled knee
  • myo-electric (bionic) hand

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