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Orthoptists assess and assist all people who have vision loss to maintain and improve independence in their life by:

  • Educating people about their eye condition and vision loss
  • Assessing functional vision

Orthoptists will also provide strategies, aids and training to enable people with low vision utilise their remaining vision. This may include:

  • Prescription of optical or electronic magnifiers for reading, writing and craftwork
  • Distance magnification to seeing public transport timetables, signage, football scores, street signs etc.
  • Environmental and lighting assessment for a home, workplace or educational setting.
  • Scanning training for awareness of visual field loss
  • Eccentric viewing training to make use of viable peripheral vision
  • Advice to families, teachers and other therapists working with a person with low vision.

Orthoptists provide an individual and holistic service to assist people with everyday activities at home, be more efficient at work, equitably access the school curriculum or utilise vision in babies to improve general development.