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Man working with therapist

Finding a therapist

When you, a family member or the person you care for is looking for a therapist, you may wish to ask these questions:

  • What type of therapist do I need?
  • What qualifications do they have to provide the relevant supports?
  • Do they have accreditation or registration where appropriate?
  • Are they members of their professional association?
  • What areas do they specialise in?
  • Are home visits possible?
  • What are the fees (including therapist travel, if necessary)

Choose from the list below to find a therapist in your area:

Please note that the online directories mainly list therapists in private practice.

If you are looking for detailed information about the range of therapy services available, please visit our Therapy services section.

If you are not satisfied with the support services you receive from a professional, it is usually best to speak with them directly about your concerns.

If you think a registered health professional has behaved in an unethical manner or provided a substandard service, you should also consider making a formal complaint (a notification).

Not all professions that work with people with disability are registered. Some are self-regulated. You can contact the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency or the relevant professional body for further information.