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Exercise physiologists

Exercise physiologists work with people of all abilities and ages to help improve their fitness and ability so they can live an active and healthy life. They do this through therapeutic exercises and giving you advice and support to manage your health.

Exercise physiologists support you and your family to build up fitness, strength and coordination so that you can more easily complete tasks in all parts of your life. This may include everyday tasks like having good balance so that you can get dressed in the morning or fun activities like having the energy to go and visit a friend.

Exercise physiologists do this through talking to you and seeing what you can do. Once they know what your fitness, strength and ability is like with a particular activity, an exercise physiologist can give you exercises to make that task easier for you to do. They will also provide advice and suggestions on simple changes you can make to lead an active and healthy life. This means that you are able to take control of your health and learn new ways of best looking after your wellbeing.

Exercise physiologists will work with your other therapists to make sure that your activity program best suits your needs.

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