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Dietitians assist people to select food and fluids that are good for their health and to help treat or prevent some medical conditions.

A dietitian can provide support if you

  • have difficulty eating or swallowing
  • are not growing well or are underweight or malnourished
  • have mobility difficulties and have gained too much weight
  • have difficulty shopping, storing, preparing or cooking food
  • take food in liquid form through a feeding tube
  • need a special diet for heart disease, diabetes, food intolerance or allergy, constipation, diarrhoea or coeliac disease
  • want to eat for good health
  • want to know about nutrition and medications

A dietitian will

  • review and assess your current diet,
  • select the best foods for you
  • monitor your progress to help you achieve optimum health; and
  • if required set up Home Enteral Nutrition (feeding through a tube)

A dietitian can also assist people with disability living in group homes plan healthy menus.

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